Opening Hours

Monday: 12pm – 1am

Tuesday: 12pm – 2am

Wednesday: 12pm – 2am

Thursday: 12pm – 2am

Friday: 12pm – 3am

Saturday: 12pm – 3am


Browns is an OVER 21 venue

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Strip Club in Shoreditch, London.

With over 30 years in the business, Browns prides itself on being one of the best London strip clubs and table dancing bars. We’re located in Shoreditch, the capital’s most vibrant and trendy area, which is just above the City, and easily accessible. Since 1982, Browns has been at the top of the adult entertainment scene, guaranteeing our guests an unforgettable experience every time.

Here at Browns we put you in the company of the most beautiful striptease dancers London has to offer, exotic girls from every corner of the globe. With a full day of entertainment, including fully nude live stage shows on every 10-15 minutes and private table dances, there’s never a dull moment. With the full Sky Sports and BT Sports packages we showcase all of the latest sporting events, including premier league football, test match cricket and world title boxing. We also show most pay per view sporting events too!

After something more personal? Then you’re sure to love our VIP experiences. Check out the Browns VIP section for more info.

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Our Services

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Treat yourself to the ultimate experience at Browns Shoreditch. Bespoke VIP packages are available throughout the week for you to enjoy. Click below to discover more about our Red Room!


Table Bookings London


Table Bookings

When visiting Browns why not book a table to enhance your experience to the fullest. Click below to find out more. 

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Stag do’s

Are you looking to give your best friend the ultimate send off? Look no further as we have everything covered here at Browns Shoreditch! We have different packages available to suit every budget.

Stag Do’s


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Daytime | 1pm – 5pm

SPECIALS: Table dances only £15 during daytime shift

Evening | 5pm – 9/10pm

Night | 9/10pm – close


Chelsea, Jessica, Sophia, Celine, Valentina & Holly.

Alecia, Candy, Gia, Harley, Alice & Serena. 

Lucy, Marcia, Mona, Pati, Poppy, Skye, Cece, Tiffany & Star. 


Cece, Alice, Dani, Lisa, Coco, Isabel. 

Akasha, Chelsea, Lucy, Marcia, Mona, Pati, Poppy, Star, Tiffany & Skye. 

Alecia, Candy, Diana, Tina, Boo, Sophia, Gia, Celine, Valentina, Serena, Nikita, Emily & Jennifer.


Ava, Mona, Tiffany, Eve, Lola, Boo, Anna & Gia. 

Alecia, Candy, Holly, Paula, Jessica, Tina, Sophia, Celine, Isabel. Helen, Jennifer & Emily.

Akasha, Chelsea, Clio, Lucy, Marcia, Skye, Star, Pati, Dani, Lena, Antonia, Cece & Julia. 


Alecia, Tina, Poppy, Nikita, Emily, Holly, Victoria & Elle. 

Akasha, Chelsea, Marcia, Antonia, Julia, Cece, Dani, Lena, Adele, Kitty, Serena & Valentina. 

Jessica, Diana, Mona, Paula, Eve, Gemma, Chanel, Morena, Alice, Anna, Candy, Coco, Boo. 


Adele, Ava, Serena, Mona, Tiffany, Gemma, Chanel & Candy. 

Eve, Sophia, Alice, Jennifer, Anna, Antonia, Isabel, Joanna, Astrid, Paula, Julia & Boo. 

Alecia, Georgia,  Clio, Star, Cece, Gia, Celine, Emily, Valentina, Helen, Nikita, Lola, Nomi, Elle & Holly.


Clio, Julia, Helen, Antonia, Alecia, Valentina, Anna & Morena.

Adele, Star, Gia, Lola, Tina, Victoria, Georgia, Nomi, Elle, Alice, Candy & Chelsea.

Akasha, Ava, Diana, Lucy, Marcia, Mona, Pati, Paula, Sophia, Jennifer, Dani, Lena, Jessica, Coco & Isabel.


Julia, Lena, Skye, Emily, Helen & Isabel. 

Akasha, Cece, Lucy, Poppy, Victoria & Anna. 

Candy, Celine, Diana, Gia, Harley, Jennifer, Morena, Tiffany & Eliza.


Antonia, Candy, Gia, Morena, Anna & Jessica.

Celine, Diana, Harley, Jennifer, Helen, Tina, Isabel, Dani, Nikita & Eliza. 

Akasha, Antonia, Boo, Cece, Julia, Lena, Marcia, Mona, Pati, Poppy, Skye & Star. 


Diana, Harley, Lucy, Tiffany, Dani, Nikita, Eliza & Lola.

Akasha, Antonia, Boo, Cece, Gia, Julia, Lena, Marcia, Mona, Pati, Skye & Star. 

Candy, Celine, Jennifer, Morena, Paula, Victoria, Joanna, Emily, Helen, Tina, Isabel, Anna & Jessica.


Cece, Celine, Emily, Holly, Jennifer, Kelly, Mona & Eve.

Morena, Paula, Akasha, Star, Tiffany, Victoria, Chanel, Helen, Isabel, Anna, Gemma & Candy. 

Antonia, Bailey, Chelsea, Gia, Lena, Dani, Nikita, Eliza, Lisa, Abbie, Nomi, Serena & Poppy. 


Clio, Paula, Tina, Kitty, Bailey, Antonia, Paris & Gia. 

Serena, Candy, Cece, Chelsea, Harley, Julia, Lena, Bailey, Lisa, Dani, Eliza & Lola. 

Adele, Akasha, Diana, Lucy, Marcia, Mona, Pati, Tiffany, Joanna, Isabel, Anna, Jessica, Emily & Georgia. 


Lena, Lucy, Joanna, Jessica, Pati, Abbie, Nomi & Serena. 

Adele, Akasha, Clio, Holly, Marcia, Isabel, Anna, Georgia, Paris, Gemma, Dani & Chelsea.

Antonia, Cece, Celine, Chanel, Gia, Julia, Eve, Morena, Poppy, Star, Victoria, Helen, Tina, Nikita & Lola. 

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Conveniently situated in Shoreditch close to the heart of the Square Mile, Browns is right on the edge of Europe’s biggest and busiest financial district. The closest tube stations are Old Street (northern line), Shoreditch High Street (overground) or Liverpool Street (central line). 

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Browns, 1 Hackney Road,
London, E2 7NX